Taekwon Moodo Association was established in 2002 by Grandmaster Ron Hickey for the purpose of regulating rank and curriculum for his students. At that time Grandmaster Hickey along with Master Kurt Ballman were teaching at College Hill Recreation Center in Cincinnati, Ohio where the initial founding school, College Hill Taekwondo Institute, resides. Grandmaster Hickey, an 8th Dan in Taekwondo a student of Grandmaster Kyongwon Ahn of Atlanta, Georgia, began training in 1973 at Ahn Taekwondo in College Hill, Ohio. Master Ballman, also a student of Grandmaster Ahn, began his training in 1979 at Ahn Taekwondo in Roselawn, Ohio. 

     Beginning May 3rd, 2013 Taekwon Moodo Association along with College Hill Taekwondo Institute united under one banner with three other schools: Stillwater Taekwondo located in Alexandria, Kentucky, University of Cincinnati Taekwondo Club, and Miami University Taekwondo Club. Stillwater Taekwondo serves as the TMA headquarters under the leadership of Executive Director, Master Ron Evans. A dedication ceremony was held on Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at Stillwater Taekwondo.

The initial founding board of masters is comprised of a group of masters all of whom studied under Grandmaster Ahn 20-43 years respectively. Later Master Vernell Rogers along with Mr. Darrell Curry of Violas Recreation Center Taekwondo along with their students joined forces with TMA and began teaching and training at College Hill Taekwondo Institute.

The TMA continues to grow with the additions of Master RJ Trusty of Five White Tigers Martial Arts of Loveland, Ohio and Master David Huffstutler of Hamilton Fairfield Taekwondo of Fairfield, Ohio in 2015. Master John Ritter and Master Nicole Dangelo started Mt. Washington Taekwondo at the beginning of 2016. At the end of 2016, Master Jorge Torres of San Diego, CA joined the TMA expanding our reach to the West Coast. 

The TMA continues to grow with the purpose of upholding the philosophical principles of Taekwondo while emphasizing “Moo Do” (Martial Way). For more information on the TMA or information on joining our organization, please contact Grandmaster Ron Hickey at taeryong52@fuse.net.