TMA Mission Statement

To uphold the philosophical principles of Taekwondo while emphasizing “Moo Do” (Martial Way) and to practice these principles not only during Taekwondo practice but in our daily lives. To uphold the tenets of Taekwondo not as mere words but applied in our every endeavor. To develop unity, harmony and loyalty among member schools of Taekwondo Moodo Association, its instructors, and practitioners. To develop and maintain a Gup and Dan curriculum and certification program as well as Instructor Certification programs. To continue learning as students of the art while teaching Taekwondo as an Art and an international sport in the way it was taught to us by our Tenets Of Taekwondo:




  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance 
  • Self ­Control
  • Indomitable Spirit